Why is commissioning important? Project commissioning is the process of assuring all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design elements of a new or renovated facility have been designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the operational requirements defined by the design team and owner. If you simply install building components, there is no proof that they work as designed. A project commissioning agent works with the design and contracting team to test and document building components (according to industry and design standards) to prove the facility will operate in the manor described on the design documents. This is important from an occupant comfort perspective, but it also assures the building owner that the building systems are operating at a high efficiency level.

Valley Engineering can provide commissioning services on new buildings, and we can also retro-commission existing facilities. Studies have proven that building systems should be thoroughly evaluated every two to three years to assure they are satisfying building occupants and operating in a cost-effective manner.

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