Mechanical Engineering


There are many different methods you can use to heat and cool a building. Your question is: which method is best for you and your budget? Our engineers listen carefully to your needs and discuss options with you before beginning design work. We want you, as an owner, to have a clear understanding of the available systems and the type that will eventually be selected. We discuss energy consumption, desired comfort level, desired control type, amount of available space, life cycle, reliability, maintenance, and installation costs. Once a selection is made, we will prepare a computer model of your project detailing the building envelope, building orientation, window shading coefficient, window U-value, window size, number of people, lighting, and equipment loads, to name a few. Our engineers use data from the computer model to select the correct HVAC equipment size, plan ductwork size, and determine proper air flow for each area of your building. In addition, we consider sustainable “green” ideas that might be incorporated into your project, such as refrigerant selection, automatic blinds, and alternative exterior wall/roof construction types. Completed designs have carefully coordinated mechanical systems which incorporate the architecture of the building so they will function within expectations, as well as complement desired aesthetics.

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